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From the Editor of the Newsletter – February 2021

Dear readers,

I hope you enjoy the interesting dates on the cover of this issue. I thought it would be nice to know that there are events that we can get involved with while staying safely indoors.

Personally, I will definitely be partaking in Pancake Day, and will probably have to practice making pancakes all throughout February – just to get the technique right.

Remember, the first pancake out of the pan is usually a dud, but don’t lose confidence. If you can’t flip it in the air, just use a fish slice to help it over, no-one will know! Alternatively, have a second pan on the heat and transfer your pancake upside-down into the new pan. This way, you can have two on the go at any one time – always useful in my house as I never seem to be able to keep up with demand – even if I’m on my own!

It’s got to be sugar and lemon for me – none of the chocolate spread and bananas or savoury options on my plate thank you.

Rev. Martin Wood talks about Pancake Day – Shrove Tuesday – and Mardi Gras, in his Message from St Mary’s article on page 11.

I must remember to write these intros after lunch, and not before! All I can think about is pancakes and their various toppings! Keep yourselves occupied and have a go at working on your submission for the Village Show – see page 3 for details.

Take care.

Lucy x,

Newsletter Editor