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From the Editor of the Newsletter – June 2020

Dear readers,

Just a short intro from me this month as I’m trying to save paper and ink. Well, it looks like we are trying to limp out of the lockdown at last with garden centres now open and the schools will be opening for some pupils – hopefully. We’re still not sure (at time of writing) if the planned re-opening of schools will definitely go ahead on June 1st, so we will just have to wait and see.

It is understandable that parents may have misgivings about their children returning to school, but Cheriton Bishop Pre-School and Primary will continue to help and support their families. The school will still be open for the children of Key Workers as it has been throughout the lockdown.

Please, please, please continue to help and support one another in the village and surrounding areas as we are still staying alert and staying safe I am so grateful for all the helpful and happy villagers living here. Acorn and the Village Support Group are continuing to provide their invaluable help and we are all incredibly grateful.

Stay safe and stay well and keep up the good work everyone. The sun is out, the flowers are blooming. Enjoy.

Take care

Lucy x,

Newsletter Editor