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From the Editor of the Newsletter – September 2021

Hello September 2021

Just take a look at the ‘Dates for Your Diary’ page… As you imagine, there are actually events on it for the first time in months! Lots of them! This edition of the newsletter has taken me so much longer to lay out as I’ve had to squeeze more information in to it. There’s so much to do… We will all be exhausted from months in ‘hibernation’, so don’t get too overwhelmed when you leave your nests and venture into the great outdoors.

I know not everyone is doing it, but I’m still wearing my mask as much as before. There will definitely be a point where I start forgetting to take one out with me or just leave it in my bag, but for now, I’m happy keep my germs away from the general public (and vice versa!). I’m pretty sure we’ve all learned to be far more expressive with just our eyes than we were before, which must be good for our face muscles right? I’ll start counting my ‘crows feet’ to get some real data on the subject…

Take care all.

Lucy x
Newsletter Editor

Staycation Summer

Have you had a good summer?
Have you been able to get away?
Have you been able to meet up with your friends or family?

Luckily for us, Will (my brother) and I had a Scouts ‘Summer Camp’ over a long weekend which relieved the boredom of the long weeks at home. Crofters is a great venue for Scouts activities, and we spent most of the time outdoors, and we did need a shower by the end. Maybe our next Scout badge could be earned by building a shower block!

I’m working on something for the October issue, so stay tuned for next month’s new ‘I Spy’ type brain teaser!

Tommy Carter